Volume One Norway and Scotland

The ferry rolled across the reassuringly smooth Vestfjorden, the vast stretch of north Atlantic that separates Bodo from the excellently name Å, which in Norwegian means stream. The islands rise so quickly from the ocean it is truly breath taking. As a photographer it’s an unmissable place to go, as a surfer the waves are good as well and it gets bombarded by swell from the south and north. It also sits at the very top of the north atlantic current, so is surprisingly warm, but also has a lot of plastic. The book is a journey with Australia surfer, riding long points alone and finding remote beach breaks which are covered in our rubbish.


Possibly the coldest I have ever been in the water shooting this.

Scotland is the UK’s closest thing to a wilderness, we are so lucky to have it’s wild hinterland and incredible coastline and islands. Where we surf it often looks so clean, the reefs and slabs are often scoured clean of pollution by wind and waves, however look at collector beaches and you’ll soon find rubbish.


The first book features Micah Lester, Tom butler, Nelson Cloarec, Adrian Fernandez De Valderama, Oli Adam, Chris Noble and Ian Battrick.

If you’d like to order it you can Here or the set of three HERE, they will arrive in July, there are just 33 of each volume.

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