99 new books available

We’re going to print an extra 99 Plastic project books, so 33 of each volume. We make five pounds of profit on each book, we’re going to split the profit between us and the 2 minute beach clean, with the aim being the books will buy a board for somewhere. So each purchase £4 will go to 2 minute.

What are the books about?

Each book is a photographic journey, documenting the the travel, surf and plastic in Norway, Scotland, Ireland, France, Iceland and England. It’s part beauty, part action and part reality of what we face in our environment. There are short stories to open each country and extended captions throughout the book as well as pieces about reducing plastic yourselves.

Volume One



High in the Arctic circle is a group of islands, a chain that comes off Norway like a spur into the North Atlantic. The Lofoten Islands are swell drenched, wind ravaged, spectacular and at the end of a convertor belt of wind and current that delivers them tonnes of plastic a year. Exploring its incredible coastline serves up a treat of land and seascapes, some incredible surf off the map hikes into remote beaches and a journey of plastic discovery following in the footsteps of the boys from North of the Sun. We also made the following film for O’Neill called Cold Reality to give you a little taster of the sort of thing we saw.

Scotland is more familiar to all of us here in the UK than Norway, but it sits in a very simaller position when it comes to both swell, wind and currents as The Lofoten Islands. Those epic slabs that you see in magazines and in the pages of this book are one thing, and their perfect rock ledges are devoid of rubbish. However take a walk into any remote west facing beach and the same problem emerges, rubbish from Europe, North America and further afield. We also made The Persistence of Hope for O’Neill whilst up there and got the O’Neill crew to do a 2 Minute Beach Clean as well, just to emphasise the issue.

In you’d like to purchase Volume One You Can – HERE

The Persistence of Hope from O’Neill on Vimeo.

Team O’Neill Beach Clean from Sharpy on Vimeo.

Volume 2




Home, I’ve been shooting in England for most of my life, and the england section of the book is a reflection of that. Unlike the other countries where they are based around two or three expeditions, the shots from England and the story behind them are over ten years of shooting and the best images I’ve taken along the way. From some of the most epic days Cornwall has seen in the past few decades to rare empty long period swells in the North East. Beyond the surfing it looks at why we as a United Kingdom (England/Scotland/Wales/NI) have been at the forefront of fighting marine pollution for so long, with the likes of Surfers Against Sewage and the 2 Minute Beach Clean to mention but a few.

Ireland is a totally different kettle of fish to England. Where we sit tucked behind the emerald isle and often get the scraps of swell, Ireland stands firmly in the way of everything that comes out of the Atlantic. From heaving slabs to some of the world’s best big wave spots, sheltered beach breaks to perfect reefs and points it has become a cold mecca for surfers. However like it’s northern counter parts Scotland and Norway it also stands in the way of both wind and current and gets battered with rubbish. Thankfully it has a committed community of surfers and coastal lovers who work tirelessly to try and keep it clean.

If you’d like to buy Volume 2 you can HERE

Whilst shooting Roger Sharp made this for O’Neill to give you a flavour

Volume 3



Two countries that couldn’t be further part, both in terms of position and climate in Europe and their place int he surfing world. However both are ground zero for this project.

Iceland got me really thinking about plastic pollution. It was here on a remote beach that I found two items, a coke bottle and an old styrofoam Big Mac box. It was a jarring moment, and made me re-focus my photography from pure surf and adventure to covering the darker side of our environment as well. Iceland is different from the rest of Europe, storms and currents brush past the south of the windswept country, but even here, in the remotest coasts of Europe where currents eddie there is rubbish, amongst majestic coastlines and remote surf we are still destroying our environment.

France is very different, it has become ground zero in a very different way. In 1998 I worked on a magazine with my friend and now Carve Mag ed Roger Sharp. He returned from a spring strike to Hossegor with an epic score, but also a beach full of rubbish, the shot we have left from here has provided a benchmark for plastic pollution in Europe. What s more, as well as having epic shots of France over the last decade or so we also have a timeline of how plastic pollution has increased, culminating in the past winters catastrophic storms.

You Can Buy Volume 3 HERE




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