Help Us This Year


Each year we set a budget for The Plastic Project, our sole aim each year is to be able to build our image, film and story resource so that any school or college on the planet can access it. Over the last year I have manually distributed all images and dealt with all requests manually. From the end of June the whole system is going to be automated so any school across the globe can access our image base which runs into the thousands from myself and a growing hoard of surf photographers. The idea being that teachers can use them in anyway within lessons to educate on the increasing rise of plastic, we have a detailed global picture now, which is down to almost exclusively surf photographers. We are also building up timelines for certain beaches, so we’ll be dropping some of these on our tour in June as well.

So our budget this year is set at £2500 to be able to do two small tours and deliver our online database globally   (we’re already used in schools in UK, Ireland, US, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, China, Spain, Japan, Peru, Argentina, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and have reached over a million students). We do this through some sponsorship , donations and selling prints and books so if you would like to help us check out our store HERE which includes a place just to donate.

We are very focussed and very successful in delivering resource packages to schools and colleges as well as the  general public in tours and film showings, and it is the only place we need help with financial resources. Everyone involved works for nothing, and all trips to shoot content are paid for by doing other work at the same time, so any help gos directly into education.

If you can help that is incredible, but no problem if not, just spread the word and cut some plastic out of your life.

Some examples of our bespoke educational films in conjunction with A Tale Unfolds.

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