TPP in May

It has been hectic, it’s been very quiet on here, but we’re coming back with a vengeance. We have just finished two short films, and a third will be finished in early June, all together, interspersed with me talking and showing some epic shots, this is the plastic project phase one.

I am hitting the road with this, it’s an incredible insight into photography, the rise of plastic as shot by surf photographers over three decades, and some damn good adventures all thrown into a compelling journey. There is going to be a short version live online from London next week on May 23rd, then the full mission will begin in Cornwall on the 22nd of June, it will then hit Devon, Bristol, Scotland and finish in London. There will be more later in the year, depending on how much money we can raise through print and book sales to take it on the road. We’ll be dropping the full schedule next week sometime though.

Books – Volume one has now totally shipped, volume two and volume three are being printed. If you have already purchased them, then you need do no more, but if you would like to help out, there are going to be 100 of each volume available. You can order one HEREĀ 

If you’d like to help us in general in our quest to raise funds for our educational project you can below. You can become a partner for as little as a pound, or if your company would like to support us there are other options.


The Next Phase – Adventure with purpose, and using it as a way to educate with regards to the environment works, and we are going to take the theory to the very limits of what is humanly possible over the next year, both from a perspective of photography and surfing.

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