The Ireland Adventure

As part of our ongoing campaign building a resource for schools in images, video and VR footage, we are running a set of workshops through the autumn and winter. They are designed for anyone to come along on, although they specifically focus on improving your photography, you can also come a long to surf with the pro surfers and get involved on both the monitoring and cleaning up side of things.


The Irish workshops are based in Bundoran, the principle focus is to shoot and explore the coastline from bloody foreland in the north round to Achill Island in the west. It is a workshop focussed around waves, so we will be concentrating on where is best on any given day, but we will also be exploring some of the remotest stretches of that coast looking at the impact of plastic pollution. It’s a mixture of surf/adventure/environment and using the first two factors to really inspire people to look after the the third.


The trip includes flights from the UK to Ireland, a transfer from Dublin or Belfast to Bundoran, all accommodation and travel whilst in Ireland and breakfast and evening meal. It’s supported by some of our sponsors here  at The Plastic Project so photographically we have access to get you extra lenses, you can borrow full setups and we have a waterhousing for every camera imaginable. It’s a great chance to not only have a full on adventure, but also really improve your photography as well.


Any questions please drop me a line –

The are spaces for three people on each workshop –

Ireland (November 17-23 and March 2019 1-7, 2-28)

We are based in a house in Bundoran, and we are specifically focussed on Donegal Bay and the north west of Donegal. It means we have a huge area of coast line to choose from, and there is always surf on one side of the bay, whether it be huge Mullaghmore or mellow Easkey, and plenty of secret spots as well.

Like Scotland it is a mixture of surf and the environment and there is a strong element of shooting for our schools project as well as simply surfing. But it is a great way to experience one of the most incredible coastlines in Europe.

The focus of the workshop is land and seascapes, surf and the interaction and affects of man on the environment, it’s an intense but fun week and you really get to experience the wildest landscapes the UK has to offer. We really focus on putting pollution in context whether that be within the landscape or part of surfing, and we actively build up a picture both in photos and using VR tech which goes into our schools project.

The price is again £250, and includes a flight in Dublin or Belfast where I will pick you up, accommodation, breakfast and evening meal and all travel once there. Again it is open to 2/3 people.

What we cover photographically –

The Art of Shooting – This really focuses on composition and shooting of everything from action to lineups to the general coastal environment. It’s about getting those one or two golden images instead of hundreds of the same thing, whether it’s an epic lineup, incredible action shot or something that resonates about the environment. It’s all about planning, being patient and nailing those one or two golden shots.

Water Photograph – Not everyone wants to get in the water, or has the experience to do so. So what we do is go through a solid grounding on the techniques of how waterhousings work and using them in the water. We do get in the water, but it’s very much at a level everybody is comfortable with.

Aerial Photography – This is a new element, with the rise in drone photography and filming we look at the technical, legal and technique side of shooting from the air.

Social Media – As well as being a photographer I’ve also spent several years working for companies from Nike down to The Plastic Project, so I have in depth knowledge of how to use social media as a photographer without getting lost black hole time surrounding it.

Business – We look at everything from working with magazines to working with clients to shooting your own projects. This can be taken to any depths you like, if you’re looking to becoming a pro then it is in depth enough but if you are justin it for fun, there are a lot of pointers when it comes to the moment you will inevitably be asked to sell some of your work.




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