Book release Vol 1,2 and 3

These books have been an absolute labour of love, we’ve had printers go out of business, re-desings, epic scores which just had to be shoed in, and books going missing in the post, but anything worth doing has problems and we are on the home stretch.

Anyone who pledged early to help the plastic project should have a volume one already, if you haven’t it will be with you shortly, and if you have you will be getting volume one again as I’ve updated it.

Volume one is printed, just waiting for the books to be delivered. It is a visual feast goosechasing through Norway and Scotland. There is of course the very serious issue of plastic as well. Like all the books they are designed to not only be something of beauty and interest but also a lasting document of what we have done to our planet, and unlike on digital devices, paper lasts forever so future generations can see what we have done, and what we are now doing about it. Here’s a short flick through the book –

TPP Book V1 from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.

Volume two is at the printers right now, and is probably my favourite as it’s given me an opportunity to put into print 20 years of shooting Cornwall and the east coast of England, with a number of shots from back in the film days. It’s complimented by insane waves in Ireland, plus a look at past goosechses to Indonesia, Morocco and Canada where we accidentally ran into plastic pollution over the years. It is an incredible collection of images and some legendary sessions especially in Cornwall and Yorkshire.




Volume three is back to the source of the whole project, Iceland, a feral journey into the unknown which you will not believe, and you wont believe where we found rubbish either, or pumping waves. Then there is contributions from some of the best photographers from across the planet, as we look at and talk to some of the guys who have been shooting along the way.

100 Box sets, these will be delviered in May – Order HERE (currently 99 left)

50 Volume One – Delvered 1st week of May – Order Here

50 Volume Two – Delivered 1st week of June – Order Here

50 Volume Three – Delivered 1st week of June – As soon as this has gone to press you can order.

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