Surf and Environmental Photography Workshops


I’m totally revamping the workshops this year, and they are going to be pretty exciting. Those booked on workshops you’ll already see the changes, but we have three more workshops to release this year, two in France during the Quik Pro with some pretty epic behind the scenes opportunities and one up in Scotland. They all cover the following –

Equipment – what you need to shoot surf, the ocean and the environment. This year we have a set of water housings you borrow as well which fit most Nikon, Canon, Panasonic and Sony Cameras, so if you haven’t got a housing you’re covered. We also use GoPro and we have some housings for phones as well, so it’s all about getting int he water.

We do also have a selection of lenses we bring along as well, although I encourage everyone to shoot on their own gear as it’s what you will be using when you go away.

The Art of Shooting – This really focuses on composition and shooting of everything from action to lineups to the general coastal environment. It’s about getting those one or two golden images instead of hundreds of the same thing, whether it’s an epic lineup, incredible action shot or something that resonates about the environment. It’s all about planning, being patient and nailing those one or two golden shots.

Water Photograph – Not everyone wants to get in the water, or has the experience to do so. So what we do is go through a solid grounding on the techniques of how waterhousings work and using them in the water. We do get in the water, but it’s very much at a level everybody is comfortable with.

Aerial Photography – This is a new element, with the rise in drone photography and filming we look at the technical, legal and technique side of shooting from the air.

Social Media – As well as being a photographer I’ve also spent several years working for companies from Nike down to The Plastic Project, so I have in depth knowledge of how to use social media as a photographer without getting lost black hole time surrounding it.

Business – We look at everything from working with magazines to working with clients to shooting your own projects. This can be taken to any depths you like, if you’re looking to becoming a pro then it is in depth enough but if you are justin it for fun, there are a lot of pointers when it comes to the moment you will inevitably be asked to sell some of your work.

The Actual Workshops

These are designed to be fun as well as learning opportunities, photography is fun, so it never gets too intense.


The French workshop takes place during the Quiksilver Pro at the beginning of October. It’s a great opportunity to not only have the worlds best surfers on hand, but also get access to shoot them surfing and behind the scenes. It’s a diverse three days, and we have our own workshop base as well for the classroom side of things. It takes place on the 1-3rd, 4-6th of October and the 10-12th, there are three spots on each and it costs £50, why so cheap, the workshops are supported by Sony, as part of an initiative to get people shooting. It includes the workshop only, you’ll need to get a flight and somewhere to stay (we can help there), and if you fly into Biarritz we can pick you up from the airport.





This is probably one of our most exciting workshops, and having done a number of successful workshops in Scotland this is the culmination. It is very much a combination of surf, the environment and adventure and over 7 days we go to some of the most incredible areas of the north, north west and islands of Scotland.

The exact itinerary is flexible with the weather, and we keep it that way but this is the plan –

There is space for 2/3 people we can take no more than three. We meet in Inverness on day one, I can pick people up from places on the way up from Cornwall as well. We then either drive to Thurso, or if the weather is favourable we spend two days on the west coast from Skye up to Cape Wrath, shooting the landscape and the environment before ending up in Thurso.

Once in Thurso we have a base camp there to strike out from, we shoot surf around the famous town, and we head over to Orkney as well for at least one night. The surf and environment over there are totally unique, and the opportunities to shoot incredible. The time of year also allows us a good chance to shoot the Aurora borealis as well.

The focus of the workshop is land and seascapes, surf and the interaction and affects of man on the environment, it’s an intense but fun week and you really get to experience the wildest landscapes the UK has to offer.

If you’re interested please drop me an email for more details, the cost of £450 covers everything once in Inverness, breakfast and evening meal and all accommodation are covered. (requires £200 deposit to book)




The Swell Chaser

We did one of these last winter and it was epic. It’s a simple idea, there is space for two people, a week before we leave I call where we’re heading, book tickets and we hit the best swell in Europe, with our eyes especially on the big wave spots.

A List – Nazare, Aileens, Mullaghmore.

B List – Morocco, Mundaka, Bundoran, Thurso, Canary Islands, Hossegor, Super Tubes

The priority is to get to one of the major big wave spots and shoot it, and the dates we have set aside give us a really high chance of getting to score one.

The workshop is only available for two people, logistically it’s not possible to do it with anymore. It is also designed for people in the UK or Ireland, again logistically it requires some one being close to either London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh of Dublin airports for it to work.

The fee includes everything, except lunches, all hire cars, accommodation and flights plus the workshop is included. Drop me a line for more details, the fee is £675.





Mid Winter Basque Country + Pyrenees

There is a secret in Europe, an area of coast that combines incredible surf, from the beaches of Hossegor to the reefs and river mouths of The Basque Country, to some o the most spectacular mountains in Europe in the Pyrenees.

The workshop is based in the heart of European surfing in Hossegor, we have a comfortable house, fully stoked with food to camera gear, and we have the ability to react to conditions for the full week.

You fly into Biaritz from London where we pick you up, the costs include all transport accommodation, breakfast and evening meal and the workshop.

The itinerary is really flexible but we cover everything mentioned above in the workshop. We do focus on surf if there is some in Hossegor, we also shoot Guethray and Mundaka as well as some of the big wave spots in Northern Spain and France.

As well as the surf we head up into the mountains, The Pyrenees are amongst the most spectacular and least photographed on Earth. They have elements of high alpine environments but also elements of the geology of places like Yosemite which make it spectacular for photography.

It’s a really unique workshop, and as well as shooting surf, land and seascapes we look at the environmental challenges fro the region as well as the beaches receive the most plastic pollution in Europe.

The workshop costs £750 which includes return flights from London Stansted, with a £250 deposit to book.

Drop me a line if you’d like to know more.




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