Shop Now Open

We’ve been looking at ways to raise the funds to continue our education programmes and take our film on the road. As well as having some amazing companies come on board to help sponsor the project we also now have a small print shop, you can buy individual prints and books HERE. We’ll be adding more prints as well go, 100% of the profits go towards the plastic project, there is no one taking any salary here, so it all goes into our educational programme distribution and film.

The Books

There are three volumes of book available at the moment, all will be shipped during April.

Volume 1

Norway – Scotland

Volume 2

England – Ireland


Volume 3

Iceland _ coming Soon

The books cost £40 each including p+p, or you can get all three in a nice box for £75 click the links below to purchase.

Volume One – Norway|Scotland

Volume Two – Ireland|England

Volume Three – Iceland France (coming Soon)

The Box Set

We originally printed only 60 of these for the original supporters, but there will now be a total of 500, each signed and numbered and if you buy the box set you get a signed print of your choice as well. Individual orders will be delivered by the end of April, box sets by the middle of May.

Tim Nunn

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