What We Achieved in 2017

Rather than making sweeping revelations of change and resolutions for 2018, here’s what we did in 2017.

2017 Was a huge year for the Plastic Project. Not only did plastic enter the mainstream consciousness, but we got to play a big part in helping it get there.

So here are the highs  so you can all see exactly where the Plastic Project is at, plus the bits we have to step up on this year

This is what we achieved –

– Partnering with A Tale Unfolds  and CNN our Primary School program has been available countrywide since January 2017. The written work and projects associated with it have been both inspirational and energising, and it all culminated in a film festival last summer. Check out the films HERE and get over to a Tale Unfolds if you’re a teacher.

– On our own we created a free resource for schools of high school level and above to use, mostly images and films to complement classes, they have reached over 500k pupils, in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, USA and China, and we’re working now to make it a million by Easter. If you’re a teacher and would like to get hold of the updated pack, please drop me a line – timnunnphoto@gmail.com – from February it will be free to download through this site as well.

– We were stoked to partner up with Surfers Against Sewage on their Project Wasteland, as well as backing them up socially on all and every project they push out, and specifically going for a deposit return scheme.

– We also became ambassadors for The Trash Isles, the brain child of Lad Bible, alongside the likes of Al Gore on an ambitious push for the garbage pile in the middle of The Pacific Ocean to become a country. We took a resolution to the UN, made passports, currency, the lot. All in all it reached a lot of people who otherwise would not have been engaged in the subject and this is hugely important, the film we contributed topped 1 million views alone.

Lad Bible Edit from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.

– We also partnered on Back The Blue Belt with Blue Marine Foundation.

– We engaged with 117,000 unique visitors to this very site, which is the hub of what we do.

– We launched our hugely important Adventure with a Purpose campaign, there is no point in shooting places and just showing the good side and we have the likes of Carve, Sharpy and Chris Burkard on board helping us. More on this to come in the next couple of weeks

What didn’t work out –

– Our film hit a big hitch of a massive dual hard drive failure, it was a pretty big disaster, however it has allowed us to keep filming and we are on the verge of launching something that is considerably more relevant, and less along the same lines as every other plastic film out there.

You can see the new teaser though here –

The Plastic Project Trailer from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.

– We haven’t delivered on all the books and prints, yet… We had a few issues with the limited run copies going missing, labels printing incorrectly, and whilst a lot of you have them, not everyone does yet. That, however, will change in January. We’ve set aside the month to deliver all the remaining books as well as making more available, you can check out the book right HERE.

The Plastic Project Book Vol.1 from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.

So there you have it, considering this is just one surf photographer working in his spare time with a couple of occasional helpers, we have reached far beyond what we ever thought we would do, and are pretty excited by what is to come in 2018.

If you’d like to help us, all we ask for is a quid/euro/dollar, no money goes towards surf trips or content creation, it all goes into distributing the images/film we take for free to schools, developing our schools projects and doing some film and slide evenings. That’s it, we’re about education through surfing and like surfing we want to keep this organisation simple and to the point. (you can find out more about our educational programs HERE)



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