Citizen Science – One Square Metre

This campaign is totally inspired by Coca Cola. Last year I got a brief interview with a PR guy from the mega drinks company, he suggested that I was wrong when I said no matter where I went I always found a product made by the Coke corp on the beach. So I thought, how can we make a document of what is on the beaches for the TPP film, and thus this little bit of citizen science was born.

The idea is simple, draw a one metre squared area on the sand, I use a string to measure, but it is rough. Then pick out every bit of plastic within it, take a shot or log what is in it, and let’s build up a database of what is most common out there from Coke caps to nurdles. So for the next three months we’re doing just that, and you can too if you want to be part of the film. We’re going to survey as many beaches as possible, to see what is the most common stuff turning up, then armed with the results I’m going to go and film some interviews with the companies involved. I’m not suggesting that it is their fault it reached the ocean, but pretty sure it will get them thinking about alternatives.

So todays are from Les Bourdaines and Le Penon in France. They are totally random, I’ll be cracking out a soil sieve as well at some point. Drop me a line if you fancy doing a couple over the winter, but remember there is gnarly stuff out there so wear gloves! Once it stops raining here, I’ll film the whole process as well.

The first one is Bourdaines here in Hossegor/Seignosse



The Second Le Penon, and yes that is a Coke bottle top…



Most common so far, other than nurdles and bits of polystyrene, Cotton Buds, they are everywhere, just don’t flush them people.

If you’d like to help us, all we ask for is a quid/euro/dollar, no money goes towards surf trips or content creation, it all goes into distributing the images/film we take for free to schools, developing our schools projects and doing some film and slide evenings. That’s it, we’re about education through surfing and like surfing we want to keep this organisation simple and to the point. (you can find out more about our educational programs HERE)


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