Following the next Phase


It’s been a bit quiet here for three reasons. The first and most important is we have just finished our High School Resource programme. We are making available every image, every story, every stat, every film and every piece of evidence we have collected around plastic, so every school on the planet can have free access to it, and can use it in classes to hopefully spark more interest in our dying oceans. We’ve already made it into the lives of half a million pupils incredibly, all helping to change the way young people approach the issue of plastic pollution and use.

The second is our own film, it’s been re-touched and some new bits added, we’ve lost a computer along the way, and it is now in the final stages ready to be be released in November. All of those of you who have helped us along the way will have exclusive access to it, and all other films.

The final reason is our books and journal, they have morphed into one thing, a series of six coffee table books, all coming together to form a 600 page box set. Volume One is with most of you who have ordered already and Volume two is about to hit the road with the retrospective volume Zero out before christmas.


So what’s next? Well our educational project will only end when all the plastic is out of the ocean. We are constantly creating resources and coming up with new ideas to reach people. Our dispatches from photographers, pro surfers, regular surfers and anyone with a love for the ocean are about to grow drastically. You can check them out here, and why not film your own? Sub one minute, not really a beach clean film just a what your beach is like film.  We also have a whole new campaign called 1m Squared, you’ll see what its all about on Friday, but it’s another great way to get the whole planet involved in reporting on plastic pollution.

If you want to follow more closely, this site will be updated regularly, but also follow our instagram and vimeo channels below.



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