The Bay of Biscay is Sick

Golden dawns with the scent of pine in the air, and the noise of a fresh ground swell cracking across a shallow sandbar are what the French Atlantic is all about. But now, with every morning, as we slip into winter it is becoming more and more about rubbish. The high tide line is thick with large and micro versions of our plastic waste. Even with the relentless efforts of tractor crews, a fresh load is vomited onto the beach every morning. I wrote a little while ago the French coast was getting cleaner, I was wrong. There is everything from medical waste to single use creamer, Coke bottles to fishing gear, every object you can think of is washing up here, and the tide of crap is relentless.


The only answer is to stop this entering the sea, beachcleans are a short term fix/band aid, we have to cut the source and educate the whole planet as to what is going wrong.


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