The Trash Isles

One of the main things I’ve always wanted to do with The Plastic Project is to reach the people that traditional campaigns do not reach.

It’s easy to be in a social media bubble of like minded people high fiving at the latest small victory, but the real change happens outside of that. When I first started talking to Lad Bible I thought the idea of going to The UN to form a new country was a bit stupid, surely the UN has better things to do, but then again, our dying oceans is pretty high on the agenda. Plus if we can reach a group of young people, especially young men who normally wouldn’t give a toss and get them to change their view on plastic, then we’ve reached an almost unreachable bunch, and I know, I have been one. So rather than me spout on about The Trash Isles, here’s Ross and Al, I’m stoked to be one of the first citizens and an ambassador, and you can to by signing up here –

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