HALO – The World’s Best Coffee

When I am attending events, or delivering a talk at an event the number one thing I get told,is that eradicating plastic is impossible because people won’t avoid the things they love.

Well the thing is, there are creative and ingenious folk out there who simply change the rules. I love coffee, but it’s hard to get it with zero plastic interaction, whether it be in bags or capsules or single use cups. I have also always fancied a Nespresso style machine, but even the so called eco friendly aluminium pods aren’t good (plus 13500 go to landfill every minute!), then I found HALO. Out of the blue friend of The Plastic Project, Sam Buckle, posted a link, and we are loving this.


It’s so simple. A coffee pod that is plastic free, and totally compostable. They are made by combining bamboo and paper pulp, and have been engineered to deliver the same water flow and taste as a normal pod, and then compost in 90 days or less.

This is an epic example of how we can design our way out of our problems, so we don’t have to give up where we are, we just get smart, and get rid of plastic out of the equation all together.

Great work HALO, hit any of the links or images in the feature to go and check them out.

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