Mike Cunliffe and crew up for a RTS award

Mike, chilly in the Arctic with The Plastic Project

It is great working with someone as incredibly experienced in the world of film making and television as Mike Cunliffe, especially when he is as passionate about surfing and the environment as well. For those of you who didn’t know Mike recently directed the incredible double bill of Operation Whale – Britain’s Sharks, which aired on ITV last Easter. Unsurprisingly it is up for an award courtesy of the Royal Television Society in the southern region for best factual series, amazing work Mike and crew.

Here’s a couple of clips from the film, the first of Humpbacks feeding, using bubble netting and the second the sharks feeding on the whale carcass that had drowned due to fishing gear. This was shot 50 miles off Cornwall, but bear in mind this is happening all over the Atlantic, 2-3 whales of this size die in the Atlantic every day naturally creating these feeding frenzies.


Britain’s Whales Britain’s Sharks Prog 2 – Shark Swarm from Big Wave on Vimeo.

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