Celtic Connection x The Plastic Project

We have had a little flurry of support over the last month, so it is about time we started to introduce the folk who are helping make this project happen. I have been friends with Carl at Celtic Connection for years since I lived in Bude. I was lucky enough to work in an office next door to him at The Surfer’s Path and Low Pressure where I got to see him create some incredible shapes for the likes of the Ash brothers.


Carl is now one of the foremost shapers in the country. He and his business partner Alex have been epic in supporting this project in any way they can. I am so stoked that they are officially partners. There will be a lot more to come from the Bude area, it’s at the forefront of marine plastic pollution in the UK, so looking forward to shooting with these boys and working with them again.

Check out their site HERE, I have a couple of CC boards in my quiver one from 13 years ago and it’s still going strong!

And here is Joss and a few of the local boys on Carl’s sticks


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