The New Year in Plastic

So we are careering into 2017, nothing has changed, but everything could. We see nations, states and cities banning plastic bags, which are the number one source of plastic pollution. Conversely, there are states like Michigan, just to mention one, which have been lobbied by the plastic industry to an extent that they have introduced a ban on banning plastic bags! Yeah you read that right, a ban on banning plastic bags, as the Americans would say, go figure.

Meanwhile Sodastream launched this series of ads with Game of Thrones stars. Check it out, the shaming of people for buying single use bottled water went down well, especially those who know the show. Although the bottled water world didn’t see it that way and several are now coming together to sue Sodastream, a company that isn’t exactly plastic free itself. We live in twisted times.


The big news this month is the release of A Plastic Ocean, it will be the era-defining film when it comes to plastic pollution. We’ve already seen it and it is incredible. This film can be pre-ordered on i-Tunes here, and we’ve got to hope that more than just the converted see it. Here’s the trailer –


Meanwhile, in Germany, a whole shipment of Kinder Eggs washed ashore. We have some incredible images of the banks of the Thames and we have some horrifying images of a beach in Norway coming up neck deep in plastic bottles, it is truly shocking. All the below shots were taken by Steve Banks in Battersea in the last few days, really shows how the Thames is transporting rubbish.


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