The Plastic Project On Tour

As well as making a film, putting together some workshops for schools and reporting on everything you read on our website, we are also going on tour this year. We will be visiting lots of schools and colleges as well as organising public events, either stand alone or as part of festivals. Tim does a pretty epic 30 minute or full hour talk and slideshow which is broken up with some short films. It’s inspirational, it’s funny and ultimately it’s educational. The talks cover surfing, adventure, sleeping in tunnels and the environmental issues we are so passionate about. We’re going to try and do at least one public event each month. Check the next few months out, and if you have an event you’d like us to come along to drop Tim a line.

March London TBC

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust – 10th April

Shore Shots Film Festival, Sligo, Ireland – 22nd/23rd April

Polzeath Marine Conservation, Tubestation, Polzeath – May 9th


We have almost reached the incredible milestone where the plastic project is becoming a self sustaining organisation. We always imagined we would fund the whole thing by selling stories and images, and by creating content for our sponsor brands and we are on the brink of achieving that, which is really exciting. it was an ambitious plan, and it took all of 2016 to get it together.

What we didn’t expect was to get invited to talk in so many schools, and exactly how important this would be to the project. We’ve set a target of getting into 8 schools a month in term time, not all of these can afford to cover our expenses, so we are going to try and raise £500 to put into a fund which continuously gets replenished from the images we sell, so we can always make it, especially to those inner city schools who have little connection to the ocean. so we’re asking if anyone can donate a pound to this, and help us out, that would be epic, and we’ll keep you posted on every visits, as well as send other goodies if you go for more. We’re not going beyond five hundred, once we’re there we are there but if you would like to help you can here –


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