Hoax X The Plastic Project

Just before Christmas we had a great group of people come together to support the project going into 2017. We’ll introduce each one in the next couple of days. The first is Hoax, the legendary brand from Suffolk has been working with us for a little while helping us to put out a limited run of water bottles and do a little promo for us to help fund raise in the lead up to Christmas. We’ve also been helping them look at how they work, and they are already cutting out every bit of plastic they can from their packaging, and have plans to remove everything in the near future.

It’s great having core skate/surf brands like Hoax getting involved as they are as passionate as we are about moving forward to create a better way of doing business, and helping us to raise awareness when it comes to marine litter. What is even more epic for us is one of their ambassadors, and fellow local Suffolk boy, happens to be one of the biggest singer songwriters on the planet. Ed Sheeran will be travelling with our colab flasks this year helping to reduce the amount of plastic bottles, and spreading the word about the project.


If you haven’t come across the brand before, then go and check them out right here – www.hoax1994.com – and follow their blog as well – we’ll be doing some little exclusives on there for them.

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