The Map

We’ve been working out how to do this all year, using different formats, and figuring out what we want to achieve. So here is the mission :


The Plastic Project is about creating a global visual document of the current plastic situation. We’re doing this because there are just too many people who are numb to stats, get turned off by science and confused by the opposing opinions of vested interests in things like climate change. So we just want to create a pure visual representation of the plastic situation on every coast in the world, using the guys who are on it the most, surf photographers, filmers and surfers. So we have an absolute army of some of the best surfers/photogs/filmers coming on board to do this. Then we’re going to have it sat here, for anyone to access; schools anywhere on the planet can show classes what is going on down the road, or on the other side of the planet, in film and images, and can contribute themselves.

What we are not doing is posting up beach clean shots, this is about telling the real situation, putting the rubbish in context, as it lies on the beach. If you’d like to get involved, please drop me a line, we want as many people as possible to help populate this map –

The map also exists on its own page on our site as well. We won’t publish any maps that give away positions of secret spots. We need help beyond just images to spread the word, and it is the only part where we are actively seeking funding to help grow it, and be able to contact every school/college on the planet so they can also spread the word. So if you have a spare £1 or £5 hit the banner below.

If you’d like to help the plastic project and enable us to get into more schools and spread the word with our educational project you can HERE



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