The Week In Plastic

Not really anything to do with the actual week in plastic, but something which has come to a head with The Plastic Project this week. For the fourth time in a week when I was meeting people to talk about future plastic presentations, I was asked by a worldly intelligent person: how does all this plastic get into the ocean? It’s the number one thing I now get asked when doing any sort of events. Sat on a Radio Suffolk phone in two months ago, it was fascinating that not one caller realised that most plastic in the ocean came from being washed off streets or out of poorly contained garbage dumps. It has become something that people do not connect, and it’s the most important thing we need to tell people.

The Plastic Mermaid

Creativity will save the world, we need it in every form, it grabs attention and educates at the same time, so this work by photographer Von Wong is spectacular, watch all three shorts to see how he did it.


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