19 More from Cornwall

Last post was popular, here are 19 more ‘b’ Graders…

Got to live in Crantock for two years and it was epic, Alan Stokes airborne with an epic backdrop.
Best wave I have ever seen ridden in Cornwall, Skindog got pitted the length of this wall and made it with style.
I wanted to shoot in the water this day, but Tony Plant beat me to it, and he is big and scary and was editor of Pit Pilot at the time, so I had to hide on a grassy knoll.
Love this rock formation, Zack Lawton with five over.
This is ten years ago now, Sarah Bentley whacking the hell out of a Little Fistral wall.
Second time I ever shot in the water, with a Canon Eos 630 film camera, at Perranporth.
Not mental, just love Oli’s position and the Cribbar tower in the background.
First time I ever met Micah Lester, shot on a Canon 20d at Porthtowan.
Sunrise over Pentire with Llewellyn Whitaker.
I was so ill this day, it was 2005, I had just come back from Iceland, had terrible athletes foot, surfed Gwithian, the sewage was horrendous, I got a horrific infection that caused hives to come up all over my body, in my mouth, I had to wear a Moo Moo for a week. This day Aileen’s was the biggest ever ridden, I missed it, but desperately wanted to see something.
Toby Atkins at the above wave.
Another world.
A rare Cornish slab, not as good as it looks.
Stoksey about to eat it.
Cornish sunshine.
Micah Lester and Toby Atkins paddle out, Mr B filming inside, best coastline.
Micah lester.
Joss Ash. My wife actually took this.
Ian Battrick a long time ago.

If you fancy coming on a Cornish Workshop drop me a line.

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