HOMETREE from Chris McClean / SEASAW on Vimeo.

One of my biggest issues when starting the Plastic Project was the actual negative impact I was going to have on the planet by travelling to all these incredibly remote coastlines. The obvious thing to do was to contact a company planting trees, offset my carbon etc. The thing is though I didn’t want to just be part of a big pine forest and not have any solid connection to it, and that was when Ferg, Matt and Mitch entered the scene. Like a lot of you I have huge admiration for the organic farm they have set up on the west coast of Ireland (check that out here http://www.growing.ie/). So when Matt got in touch and told me about the plan for Hometree it was easy. A sustainable mixed forest created and managed by three legendary surfers in a place overlooking a stretch of coast which is just incredible and has a special place in my heart. So for every flight or drive we take, we will be getting them, and going over ourselves, to plant tress. Watch the film, read their philosophy, and get involved, it’s all of our futures that are at stake.


For us, the inspiration to engage the wider commercial community into helping us plant trees came from being part of a surfing and environmental community. When floating the idea with some of the brands that support us, their positive reaction made us aware there was really a place for this to grow into a forest. The idea that we can create forests through commerce is wonderful. For some of the projects we have worked on, the companies have committed to paying for one tree to be planted for each product they sell, it’s a big commitment when often the bottom line is the #1 priority. We believe this is real positive change and the more of us that stand behind these movements, the greater influence we have to create a greener, healthier world. Hometree is a pretty basic idea, plant more trees. We are on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, it’s wet, windy and cold and it’s where we first started a community garden, in an unused plot of ground about 100m elevation and about 600m from the coast. When we planted the first apple trees we were told we were mad, that trees found it difficult to grow here, but they didn’t, they grew tall and strong and produce delicious fruits. This was our reconnection to trees, we saw the birds come back and the soil in the garden improve, biodiversity, more life on the hill and the seeds of change blew in all directions. One direction was here to hometree, a group of people inspired by the flat, treeless county of Clare in West Ireland and the thought that we could do our part in reforesting this beautiful mythical part of Mother Earth.

CHeck out more on their site – www.hometree.ie

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