Twelve Favourite Shots From The Plastic Project

It’s been more or less four years since we kicked this off, and as you know a huge part of this is surfing and getting shots that will inspire and lead to people wanting to protect their environment. I’ve done some amazing missions, with Ian Battrick in Iceland, Micah Lester and Nelson Cloarec in Scotland and these are my favourite 12 shots so far. We’ve had a pretty mental year of preparation and what is going to happen in the first few months of 2017 is likely to change this list somewhat.

Perfect, perfect, France, this day was so glassy, the water so clean. Unfortunately the beach was covered in rubbish at the end of a long and stormy winter.
I stood for hours trying to get this shot of Micah Lester, epic backdrop, crazy light and a text book air.
This was a day after the first shot. The waves were all over the place, Micah paddled out and I swam, and we somehow hooked up three times in epic light.
Travelling with Ian is epic, we’re as feral as each other and will do anything to be in the right spot on a given day. This place in Iceland was shifty, but Ian dodged a few Icebergs to get a couple of pits.
This was one of the best days I’ve ever seen in Scotland, sun and perfect conditions. Frenchman Nelson Cloarec charged and got this and the following shot from the same wave.


An epic morning at one of my favourite waves. Such a sunrise, that’s Ben Player’s tame photographer and film maker, can’t wait to see his movie next year.
What is a sunrise in one direction, is perfect light in the other, Micah Lester on one of those not a drop out of place mornings.
One of the first shots I took because of plastic. Timmy Turner, on a classic Icelandic point, fresh powder on the hills and rubbish on the cobbles.
Dane Gudauskas, tore this wave apart, and him and Ian and a couple of locals surfed through some of the heaviest snow I’ve ever shot in.
Just epic.
This is one of my favourite places to shoot, the colours the waves, and a key part of our missions so far.


Now we head on even crazier adventures through the north and south Atlantic, pole to pole, and if you’d like to follow or support me on this mission to spread the word then hit one of the links below.


If you’d like to help the plastic project hit the button below, and donate a £1 every little bit helps us get to a school or a club to talk rubbish and solutions.



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