My Plastic Christmas – Part One

It’s Christmas, it’s a time of wild excess and fun, and we are not ones to put a dampener on fun, but we thought about how we could make this Christmas as free of plastic waste as possible, whilst at the same time documenting the stuff that turns up that we have zero control over, so this is my family’s plastic Christmas.

The first bit of Christmas that has arrived are two presents for my son, from his grandparents, now the presents themselves are actually pretty good, a wooden farmyard and pure wool jumper.

First up the farmyard is made from certified sound wood etc, it’s flat packed and inside the box is wrapped in bubble wrap. So I’d say you could have put that in a slightly bigger cardboard box and sent as is, but no, it came in a huge box with these plastic airbags – altogether somewhat over the top, so there is a load of plastic which wasn’t really needed.


Secondly, the jumper came in a standard plastic postage bag which is made by D2W, now the bag can be recycled, but as you may know D2W make biodegradable plastic bags. Now D2W and their lovely water drop logo is a bit of a greenwash in my opinion; yes they breakdown quicker than normal bags, but they just end up leaking tiny particles into the environment a lot quicker than normal bags. It’s a very dodgy area and some would say it discourages recycling. Then there is an item bag inside, which doesn’t appear to be recyclable, and then another piece of plastic within that which is recyclable. That is a lot of plastic for one jumper, but as we’ve talked about before, plastic protects clothing better than anything else at the moment, and the amount of returns of damaged items of clothing from online sales is huge, so the key here is to make sure it is all recycled.


This series isn’t designed to be some preaching rubbish about how great we are, just an honest look at unavoidable and avoidable plastic at a time when it is a little bit mental.

If you’d like to help the plastic project hit the button below, and donate a £1 every little bit helps us get to a school or a club to talk rubbish and solutions.


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