Introducing Noah Lane

We have a backlog of ambassadors coming along now, all with the express purpose to spread the word and also help us document every inch of the planet’s coastline. Next up is an Aussie who fell in love with Ireland. Noah is from tropical Queensland, one of those surfers who is at home in everything, rips in a couple of feet, punts on any section that moves and loves to charge a heaving slab, and by heaving we also mean big heaving. Hence why he moved over to Ireland, where he is a fixture in lineups around Bundoran. We’ve just had a brief chat, but there will be a lot more to come.

So where you from and why Ireland? 

I’m originally from Rainbow Beach, a small town slightly North of Noosa on the East coast of Australia. It’s a super beautiful part of the world and my parents still live there. I ended up in Ireland through a series of events I suppose where I met me partner Tara. We’ve been living on the north west coast for a bit over 3 years now…

So what about Ireland and the litter situation?

The whole west coast of Ireland is incredible but the Donegal bay area where I live holds a particular charm. Winter comes raw and wild and no place emphasis’s this more than the coastline. Unfortunately with this weather often comes the litter of the sea. There’s a little beach down from my house that I cleaned most weeks last winter and it was baffling how much rubbish washed up. A real shame to see these places spoiled but I suppose better on the beach where someone has a chance to pick it up than sitting on the bottom of the ocean…

Thanks Noah, as you can see he’s in an amazing place to help us document the coastline, now If you have a minute, I strongly suggest you watch the following movie as well.


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