Climate change and plastic addiction

The Plastic Project has led me to meet some incredibly interesting people. This week I interviewed a number of different climate scientists, I’ll be posting up the interviews in webisodes after Christmas. I was particularly interested in the link between plastic and climate change, and the answers were very interesting.

Essentially whilst a lot is being done to reduce Co2 emissions from vehicles and power generators and heavy industry, the growth in the use of plastic, and especially our addiction to single use plastic, is increasing from 6% to 8% of oil use in the last decade. What is more it continues to increase. So it’s not just the ecosystems and ocean it’s ruining, it’s the climate as well. More in depth and research on this to come on our vimeo channel.

Incidentally, unlikely as it is since you are reading this, but if you are a climate change sceptic, watch James Balog excellent Ted lecture below.


If you’d like to help the plastic project hit the button below, and donate a £1 every little bit helps us get to a school or a club to talk rubbish and solutions.




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