This Week in A Plastic World

MARS and The Bio-Wrapper


I won’t go into the science of this, you can read it all HERE, mainly because I’m doing an interview with one of the creators next week and also I don’t fully understand it, but essentially Mars, have created a bioplastic, fully compostable starch based food wrapper, which has been wrapping Snickers bars for the last year in Europe. This is produced from food waste, which would otherwise have no home, and uses 3x less energy to create than traditional oil based plastic. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Hit the link to find out more. Industry solving packaging problems by not using plastic is absolutely essential.

Citizen Science at its best


This is a great way of surveying the whole planet if we could all get it together, click the shot to read the full paper, it’s fascinating, although I reckon with more people in some of the outlying places the amount of rubbish there would shoot up.

Sainbury’s, Tesco and Asda are ditching the plastic buds.

I, like many other beach people, pick up a crazy amount of Cotton Bud sticks, it’s become one of the most common things to find on the beaches from Iceland to Hossegor. They get flushed down the loo and then straight out to sea as few get screened and removed. Now changing people’s habits is tough, we fight against that every day, and as we say some of the responsibility has to be at source. The most powerful source is the shops that sell them, and fantastically the three biggest supermarkets have all said “this is enough” concerning the plastic on their Cotton Buds. As a result, they are changing them to cardboard; a simple and effective alternative. A lot of the pressure has come from the incredible Natalie Fee and City to Sea in Bristol, as well as long running campaigns from SAS.

If you’d like to help the plastic project hit the button below, and donate a £1 every little bit helps us get to a school or a club to talk rubbish and solutions.


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