The Week In Plastic


Seasonal Rubbish In Bali

The scene on the beach is sadly not all that shocking. But what is shocking is the fact that this is now just an expected event, something that on the paradise island of Bali is just considered normal, and they get on and deal with as best they can. What this means is there is so much trash floating around offshore of Indonesia in general, that as soon as those seasonal winds swing into their winter onshore direction, it all gets dumped on the beaches for a few months. Pretty devastating, and whilst the local government get on it and do an amazing job, it’s the source that needs to be tackled now more than ever.

Guppy Friend is the world’s first microfilter washing bag.

It filters out the tiniest microfibres released from textiles during washing. The self-cleaning fabric bag is made of a specially designed micro-filter material. And it works! Independent research has confirmed the effectiveness of Guppy Friend (70×50 cm/27,6×19,7 inch). It captures almost all of the fibres released in the washing process. You can see tiny fibres trapped inside the bag after each wash. Simply collect the fibres and dispose them properly in your trash. Click here to support the – GUPPY

Real Madrid


Getting statements like this out to huge audiences is pretty incredible, although as loads of folk have said, I dare say there was a lot of single use plastic for sale in this ground, but awareness and education is everything.

Imagine if every strip was made from bottles from the ocean, that would be something, they sell approaching 3 million a year.

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