Replacing Coffee Cups

I’m sitting here smugly drinking a cup of coffee from one of those SAS bamboo based cups given to me as a present. I walked into my local coffee house half an hour ago and bought a freshly ground black coffee and left in the smug knowledge that I just stopped a paper/plastic entwined nightmare cup going into landfill or the sea.

Problem is that whilst I’m a conscientious fellow in rural Suffolk, I used to commute into London everyday, and it’s an absolute ball ache. Alongside thousands of other workers I used to get on a train, get off it at Liverpool Street and head to the nearest coffee shop, buy a disposable mug and walk to work in the city. Bins would overflow with them. I’d use mine for a maximum of 20 minutes, search for a recycling bin, but 50% of the time had to drop the soggy receptacle into a normal bin. I had a mug I’d bring with me, but here’s the problem, when you’re dragging your arse out of bed at 5am, getting on an overcrowded train, then facing a full day of work you forget stuff, daily life is hectic and the reality is we can’t all remember to cart a cup around with us, so we need a non-plastic, or much more easily recyclable alternative, so how about this from Frugalpac-

Frugalpac is a new type of packaging that is kinder to the environment, truly sustainable and genuinely recyclable. Packaging that is just as strong and versatile as existing containers but can be recycled in normal paper mills. It is also competitively priced. They have developed a new technology that produces packaging for liquids that is environmentally friendlier than current formats such as glass, laminated cartons, disposable coffee cups and plastic bottles.

Their patented manufacturing technology creates packaging formed from a cardboard outer shell with a thin waterproof liner inside. They design the products and produce the machinery that manufactures packaging to hold liquids including food, drinks, personal care and household products.

See how it works

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