2017 Photoworkshops For TPP

I started doing these workshops by accident as part of a crowdfunder for Wavelength magazine, which I used to edit. I was a little nervous of them to start with, but have ultimately found them really rewarding, and more excitingly, so have the people who have come on them. Being able to see the improvement of past attendees’ photography is incredibly rewarding. Seeing some of them actively starting to carve a career in photography is even better.

Over the last two years these have evolved naturally, gained more interest and in 2017 we’re changing things up a gear. The basic substance of the workshops remain, they are an opportunity to learn all the tricks of the trade, the techniques, the gear and business side of things whilst shooting pro surfers in exciting locations.

But we have also refined the workshops, and we’ve now got a wide range of gear for you guys to try out. We now have a relationship with Canon, Nikon and Sony so that we can cater for most camera types and bring extra lenses and bodies along for you to try out. We also have a great deal with GoPro, which with their Hero4 and 5 cameras offer a great entry point to water photography.

As loads of you want to get into water photography, but often the cost of springing for a housing is prohibitive, we have housings for you to try. At the moment we have a housing for Nikon D and canon 1D series, a housing for Canon 7d/11, 5d series and all the 50/60/70 etc, plus the Nikon D3/4/5/7000 and 00 series cameras. We have a housing for the Sony A7 series housings and the A6000 series housings as well, plus housings for Pentax, Fuji and Olympus models, so we’re pretty well equipped.


It means when you come along not only do you learn a load about technique and business but also get to try gear so you don’t waste money in the future.

The workshop locations are also growing, we currently run four –

The Cornwall Weekender


This is our most popular and suits everyone from beginners up to want to be pros, in two days we cover everything from gear to business to shooting land and water. We get 3 or 4 sessions in with pro surfers in and out of the water and spend time going through all of the post processing techniques. Scroll down to the bottom for the day by day schedule.

Cost – £300 (accom not included)

January – 28/29th 2 places remaining winter workshop is £250

April 1/2nd – 4 spaces remaining

Easter Weekend 15/16 April – 2 spaces left

May 27/28 (bank holiday weekend) – 3 spaces left

August 4/5th – 4 Spaces left

September 2/3rd – 4 spaces

December 2/3 – 4 Spaces left

The French Weekender

This is based around the Quik Pro, and again like Cornwall caters for all levels of photographers, but with the added bonus of having the best surfers in the world on hand. I also do one day workshops during the Quik Pro as well, drop me a line about those. Scroll to the bottom for the day by day schedule.

Cost – £300 (accom not included) (date to be confirmed with WSL)

The Scottish Week

These are epic, based in Thurso, in a warm comfortable house, we cover all the stuff from the weekend workshops but take it all up a notch. It’s a lot broader in that if the surf isn’t epic we strike out and shoot landscapes, seascapes and the environment. Plus if we’re lucky there is a chance of the Aurora. We also head over to Orkney if conditions are right, and way out west to Cape Wrath area, which is another world. The price includes accommodation, breakfast and all travel once you’re there plus a lift from Inverness or beyond.

Cost – £400 (march 2017 1/3 spaces left, September 2017 1/3 spaces left)

The Iceland Week

This is the ultimate adventure week. Five days in photographic paradise, wild countryside, volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, icebergs and some pretty decent surf to shoot in places make it an incredible all round experience. We stay in a cabin on the south coast and strike out each day to where conditions will be best, one day you could be shooting pumping surf, the next a wild volcanic landscape, the next wild glaciers and icebergs, then of course at night there is a great chance of the Aurora. The week includes accommodation, all travel once there, breakfast and use of gear as well. It doesn’t include flight.

Cost – £850 (september 2017 – 2/3 spaces left)

If you want to surf as well, both Scotland and Iceland offer you the opportunity to jump in the water for a couple of sessions.

Ultimately I got to where I am, being able to work as a photographer, due to help and advice from my peers, and whilst there are areas and people within photography who are quite secretive about their work and jobs, I firmly believe that sharing knowledge just leads to greater creativity and innovative ideas. Photography, writing and film making are all about the ideas, and how to execute them. So these workshops draw on not just years of experience with gear and technical knowledge, but also on how to cultivate ideas. They will prompt you to shoot in a way that your own style stands out, showing you how to turn that passion into a fulfilling hobby, maybe a hobby that pays for itself, or a full blown career.

Please email me for more details – timnunnphoto@gmail.com, to book any just requires a £100 deposit for the weekends and £200 for the week workshops.

Below is a breakdown of what is covered on the weekend workshops, although the running order may change with conditions.

Day 1

– We talk about where everyone wants to go with their photography

– A look at gear

– Talk about shooting surfing from the land, working on angles, using light, developing relationships with good surfers.

– We go shoot with a pro surfer, for 2-4 hours depending on conditions.

– Come back, look at shots and learn about basic processing.

(we break for lunch and there is tea and coffee on tap)

Day 2

– Talk about shooting surfing from the water, different lenses, using cameras from Gopros to Pro setups. I will have gear on hand.

– Get out and shoot.

– Come back and look at and process shots

– Talk about the commercial side of photography from turning it into a paid hobby or full time pro.


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