The Last Week In Plastic


As much as the US election is bad news for the environment there was one glimmer of hope from the ballot papers state side. That news was from California, where the US’s most populous and wealthy state has passed a unilateral ban on plastic bags. Where they lead, hopefully the planet will follow.

Air Carbon and the plastic of The Future

This popped up on my facebook feed, I was super scpetical initially so I had to do some research on this. The attention grabber was that two dudes from California were pulling carbon out of the air, and using a bio-catalyst which turned the carbon into plastic! So we’re talking about taking pollution out of the atmosphere and turning it into plastic. Two things, plastic is important, we need it for certain things, it’s just the single use or cheap throwaway rubbish we have to phase out. But of course at the moment its production adds to the greenhouse effect and of course pollutes afterwards.

So after a little research it turns out that this is legit. As usual the facebook sensational article was over the top, in fact they are not sucking carbon directly out of the air, but from carbon rich air created as a bi-product from the dairy industy (cow farts). What is more, thanks to ten years of ingenuity it is working and the guys at Newlight are producing a plastic which is at least removing Co2 and CH4 from the atmosphere and helping the environment. They are currently building commercial partners such as Ikea to bring this to market, and whilst it still doesn’t solve the end of life and where it ends up, it sure takes out the fossil-fuelled starting point.

It’s not going to solve global warming, or the plastic problem, but it is a first small step.

Check them out in full HERE

What’s Coming up?

You’ll notice we’re ramping up our ambassador intros, and we have photographers and film makers from across the globe. We’re going to build a map of the world, a visual one, showing every little bit of coastline and the challenges of pollution there, and then give it away as a resource to every school on the planet. So a child sat in class in Beijing can understand the marine litter problem in China, but also in remote Iceland, or California. It’s designed to inspire, communicating the problem visually not statistically and triggering young minds to search for solutions. We have some incredible image makers already on board, but if you’d like to get involved drop me a line –


We also have two edits coming up. One is from France, which was followed by us taking a whole load of plastic bottles to Surf Snowdonia, along with pro stunt surfer Alan Stokes. Imagine turning up at a wave pool and finding it full of rubbish, you wouldn’t stand for it right? Yet we do in the ocean….

Alan Stokes dodging plastic – Photo: TPP Ambassador Leanne Jones


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