Introducing Roger Sharp AKA Sharpy

Over the next week we’re introducing our group of global advocates/ambassadors. Ambassador is always a bit of a grand word but it fits. These people are the guys on the ground everyday; surfers, photographers and film makers who are on the front line seeing what’s going on in the ocean. They are going to feed back images of what the marine litter situation is where they are, whether they are at home or on the road. Then we’re going to put everything on a global map, to create a huge pictorial document, all in one place for anyone to use.

Our second ambassador is editor, photographer and film maker Sharpy. I’ve known Sharpy since university twenty years ago when we were both in the Earth Science department, but it was surfing that sparked a friendship which would set us both off on a career in surfing. He first became a world respected photographer, he then edited Surf Europe, worked for Surfer’s Path and Wavelength before becoming editor of Carve Magazine where he is now. He has shot every corner of the globe, been published in pretty much every mag known to man, and now he makes a lot of very cool films and is passionate about the environment, Prosecco and roast dinners. Check out some of his most iconic shots below and a couple of films.

This shot was in the late 90s in France, see all the rubbish on the beach? Yep this isn’t a new problem, we’re just starting to wake up.
An iconic shot of Andy Irons in France
A classic of Batty dropping into G-Spot on one of the first missions out there in the late nineties

The Persistence of Hope from O’Neill on Vimeo.

Thor’s River from Sharpy on Vimeo.

5 Millimetre from Sharpy on Vimeo.

Queen of the South… from Sharpy on Vimeo.


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