The Last Week In Plastic

Parley and Adidas

Remember last year Parley and Adidas came up with a prototype shape made of marine plastic? Well unlike a lot of these colabs this has actually gone somewhere and they have rolled out a production model. But they haven’t stopped there. Giants of European football Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, both now wear strips made from marine plastic collected in The Maldives to help raise awareness. If you want to find out more check out

Natalie Fee

Bristolian legend Natalie is founder of City to Sea and has led the campaign for the end of cotton buds using plastic (sign the petition here). Now she has been formally recognised by her local community and is this year’s Environmental Hero award winner in Bristol; nice one Natalie, watch her inspirational speech at the wave conference below.

Bamboo Brushes


Ever thought about how many plastic toothbrushes get used every year? Well we’re working on some stats, but there are billions, used for a few months and chucked. Very rarely recycled, they end in landfill, but there are solutions, how about a Bamboo Toothbrush from The Bamboo brush Society?

If you’d like to help the Plastic Project which is a registered not for profit organisation you can buy prints, journals or donate HERE


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