Scottish Photo Workshops

As many of you who follow my photography stuff will know I run some occasional workshops in Cornwall and further afield. From 2017 I’m starting a new kind of photography workshop based at Thurso in Scotland. It takes in surfing, both land and water based, but it also involves environmental photography; fitting in nicely with the Plastic Project as well as epic landscape and outdoor/adventure photography.


The five day workshops are based in a nice warm house in Thurso, which is perfect for proximity to surf, but also close to the epic scenery. The seascapes and mountains of the North West of Scotland are a short drive away.


We cover all aspects of photography from gear to post processing, techniques in the field to the business of selling your shots, and it is suitable for all levels. Above all it is meant to be fun, and covers a wide range of subjects with surfing and the environment at the heart.


If you’re interested in coming along, we are running three workshops in 2017 in March 10-14th, September 15th-19th and one in November. They cost £400 which covers the accommodation, all travel when up there and breakfast. All the proceeds go to the Plastic Project education fund.

If you’re interested please drop me a line –

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