Scottish Outtakes – Part 1

For every shot you see in print, flashing past in an insta haze or click a heart on facebook more there are hundreds more that tell a real story.

Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama, not only has the longest name I have ever had to write, but also a solid attitude for riding slabs. Being on your backhand you have to pick em, unlike the two naturals, but he arguably got the wave of the session. Check out the vid at the end for proof.
Nelson Cloarec charged this one session we had in Scotland, you’ve seen the barrels, but it’s some of the drops which deserve more attention, this is just a slurp onto a barely wet slab of rock.
Micah Lester holding on for everything he has.
Nelson, in a tight spot. one of those shots ruined by a rogue lump that would nail Nelson and rogue water droplet that ruins the image, that lip though.
That moment when wind and tide have gone a bit wrong, but you still try and swing under one.

The Persistence of Hope from O’Neill on Vimeo.

If you’d like to help the Plastic Project which is a registered not for profit organisation you can buy prints, journals or donate HERE


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