Catchup Part One

A Catchup From France

Life without proper internet is a strange thing, last couple of weeks it’s been patchy at best, and whilst we’ve been working hard cleaning beaches, filming some epic waves and rubbish we haven’t been able to post much up, so here is a quick update, which will be followed by the regular daily flow.

empties from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.

D-Day in California

If you want to send a message to the world then the planets most envied region is the place to send it from California goes to the polls on a lot of things on Ocotber the 20th, but most significantly for us, it decides once and for al on banning plastic bags. It’s already ratified doing it but thanks to some typically American hardcore lobbying from the plastic industry, which stands to lose a lot of cash, it has been pushed to a vote, so it’s down to the typically environmentally more conscious Californians to ratify the bag. If it does it sends out a pretty big message to the rest of the planet, and whilst it isn’t the root of the problem, it’s a hell of a place to start.

Surfers Against Sewage Beach Clean

It’s that time of year where SAS mobilise their forces and get their Autumn beach clean series underway. It rolls from the 24th-30th of October and covers a large swathe of the country, although they are always looking for more beaches. Get over to their site to find out more –

The Bude Wave Conference

In its first year this was a massive success, bringing together academics and activists and grass roots organisations a like to share ideas and bring a community of people wanting to make a change together. Hopefully we’ll be able to be involved in future events, in the meantime check them out here – and the short film here –

The Plastic Project Calendar

Once again we are doing a limited edition Calendar with all the profits going to the plastic project, this year it is in two sizes for all budgets and will ship in early November, if you’d like to get one and help us out you can here –


Tomorrow I’ll be dropping the sample pages of The Plastic Project Book x Esker Journal, the ill-fated part of this project is finally alive after two catastrophic print runs and a printer going out of business, but it’s worth the wait. All of those of you who got an original copy, will be getting the new one as well.

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