The Week In Plastic

“We have to keep the momentum going so that we can come together and protect our ocean. Why? Because our ocean is absolutely essential for life itself – not just the food, but the oxygen and weather cycles of the planet all depend on the ocean. ”
— Secretary of State John Kerry

Been a great week for people coming together from all angles of society, from politicians to Hollywood stars, activists to regular surfers, there is a groundswell of activism stretching from the highest halls of power to the loneliest beach. The Our Ocean 2016 gathering was the highest profile, with the likes of John Kerry, Barack Obama and Leo De Caprio all speaking along with a lot of grass roots activists, check out their site HERE for talks and info, it’s fascinating.


Much closer to home there was an incredible event in Bude in Cornwall, The Bude Wave Conference was hosted by Cleaner Seas Project and had speakers ranging from scientists to big wave hellmen, click the link to watch the videos. The talks will be online shortly. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it to the next one as it looked like an incredible event.


Today (the 17th) is International Beach Clean Day. There are cleans all over the country and indeed the world, so get out and get involved and if there isn’t one near you, just get down there and do your two minutes whilst getting out for a walk or a surf.

We are doing a calendar this year as part of our fundraising activities for the project. It’s a beautiful A3 poster size, full of epic empty waves from the plastic project missions. It goes for £22.99 inc. postage, it will be delivered in November, and there are just 30 of them. If you ordered a 2016 calendar, don’t order again you get this one free as promised. You can order HERE

Finally, the Port of Rotterdam is developing a drone that eats plastic, check it out –

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