Our Mission

Thanks for all the contacts since being on TV two nights ago. As the sole initiator of The Plastic Project I am really stoked to see the project gathering such momentum at the moment. A team is building around the world of contributors and ambassadors but I want to reply personally to each email I receive – this can take some time. It has been great to hear from schools and everyone in general asking about exactly what we are doing, so here is a simple run down, our mission statement.

I started The Plastic Project because I had seen first hand a massive increase in plastic pollution on remote coastlines in little over a decade. I also believed that using my knowledge of media (I have been a film maker and magazine editor), plus the exciting nature of surf and adventure the project could reach people that regular campaigns and pressure groups couldn’t.

With that in mind we have a three point mission

  1. To document – Surfers visit stretches of remote coastline across the world where no one else goes; we are on the frontline for noticing environmental change in the ocean. As a surf photographer I feel we have a duty to document this or the rest of the world simply will not know the true horror of the damage we are doing to our oceans. So with the help of our global ambassadors we are building up a picture of the world’s remote coastlines, telling stories along the way about surf, adventure and people/companies doing something to reduce marine litter and plastic in their supply chains.
  2. To educate. I come from an geographic and environmental science background, and whilst I am knowledgeable and passionate about issues concerning our environment I can understand how anyone but the most committed can be turned off by the very dry, statistical way the issues are often presented. Such methods render us almost numb to the stories behind the stats, so we are taking a different approach. The angle of using surfing and adventure, and introducing people to incredible parts of the world through what we do is an exciting gateway to then deal with the environmental issues. We also know it works. It is helping us develop resources for schools, as well as making a film for everyone.
  3. To be part of the solution. We are active in beach cleans, we like to promote companies doing something about the problem, and we are developing our own Wilderness Beach Clean campaign, where we are going into remote wilderness stretches of coastline and cleaning them up, and then recycling as much as we can.

It’s a huge task ahead of all of us, but fortunately there are many very passionate people out there doing different things. It’s an issue I’m unlikely to see solved completely in my lifetime, but I believe The Plastic Project can play a massive role in making sure it is something that can be solved in my son’s life.


A number of people asked if they could get involved, check out our how you can help page HERE

If, as some of you have asked are interested in sponsoring the project on a commercial level then please drop me a line – timnunnphoto@gmail.com – we do also accept donations HERE, all donations go into developing the educational side of the project, all of our travel expenses are covered either by selling our work to magazines or by brands within the surf industry.


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