The Last Week in Plastic

From Dawn ’till Dusk


Bude/North Cornwall is a hotbed of activism against marine plastic, the 2minute beach clean started there, I shot my first marine litter there whilst it was my home ten years ago. The legendary crew of lifeguards have started The Plastic Movement and along with the Bude Cleaner Seas Project, held an awesome dawn till dusk beachclean from Crackington to Duckpool, you need to follow them on FB HERE

City to Sea and Cotton Buds

If you’re from Bristol and into water at all then you’ll have come across Natalie Fee and her City to Sea campaign; from setting up water stations to inner city beach cleans she is a legend. Her/their latest campaign is to halt the use of plastic in cotton buds, we don’t need it and there are tonnes of them on our beaches, watch the vid and sign the petition HERE


Is It Too Late?

I have been doing interviews and research over the last week and I got to skype a lot of scientists and researchers, and there is one overriding issue, this could all seriously be too late. There is so much plastic in the ocean that if we stopped throwing away/using plastic today, the amount turning up on our beaches would continue to increase for between 20-50 years minimum. Just think about that for a minute, I have. No matter how hard I and others work, there is a fair chance that real differences won’t be seen until after my death.

TV and Radio

Finishing on a positive note, if you’re in East Anglia I am on TV and Radio this week, I’ll let you know when.

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