The Week In Plastic

It sucks to see this, but it could be any festival, just so happens that it is the Boardmasters event and all this rubbish sits in a moderate offshore wind on top of a cliff in Cornwall. Now we’re sure The Boardmasters crew cleared this up pretty quick, but it’s the mentality of folk who would do this in the first place that is the problem, we are all responsible for this planet, time to start taking it a bit more seriously.


On a possitive note Matt Button has finished his epic paddle around Cornwall, calling in at remote coves and picking up rubbish. It’s been a pretty hardcore journey in some serious seas, we’re going to come back with a full feature on him, but if you’d like to see more check out his BLOG.


This has been brewing a while, it’s the most obvious way to reduce plastic bottles ending in the bin, loads of countries already do it and it’s time we did too. A plastic bottle return system would undoubtedly help litter problems. Probably the most obvious way to stop rubbish is to put a value on it, and so Surfers Against Sewage are rallying the troops to do something about it, click the shot and sign the petition.


Finally for everyone who reckons the marine litter problem is out of control and pointless tackling, watch this, we can make a difference.


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