Oldshoremore – The beach at the end of Britain


This is the second of the five dispatches from Scotland and pretty depressing. I ended up on Oldshoremore beach at twilight on Monday 16th March with surfer Micah Lester. We had been surfing and looking at plastic along the standard stretch of coast around Thurso, more of that to come. But the swell had dropped and we went for a drive, I’d never been out this way before, and wanted to see the very north west corner of Scotland, and see what this remote outpost had in the way of plastic and marine litter. Here’s the last half hour of light in film and pictures.

Oldshoremore – Plastic Project from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.

Waist deep in places, this mixture of plastic, rope, fishing gear and seaweed is shocking to encounter on such a remote beach.

old5 old4

Nothing is moved in any of these pictures, the Tesco oil container sat proudly like that. You can see almost everything in here, plastic bottles, rope, fishing line, milk bottles, toys the lot.
A tag from French supermarket Carrefour
Scandinavia’s favourite ketchup
Yoghurt, milk container, margarine container, bottle tops, rope, fishing line, can holders, it’s extremely depressing to see all of this. It’s moments like this on such a remote beach which bring home how serious this issue is, it is ridiculous the amount of plastic here.


I’d spent a week in pristine waves, not a drop of water out of place, not too much plastic on the shoreline either, and then you realise that there are these collecting points, little eddies in the coast, places where all our rubbish collects. In this case on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen – if the sun was out here, it’s tropical blue and clear, and what looks like a super fun right-hander for a longboard. Check back tomorrow, for the full Scottish tale, some sick waves and a more detailed look into where all of the plastic along the whole coast has been coming from.

If you’ve backed the project, as always thank you this would not be possible without you and these shots are already showing up in national news as I type. You’ll be getting a choice of prints, a postcard and a digi postcard from both the last expedition to Iceland and this one to Scotland to kick everything off.

If you’d like to help hit this link – Support The Plastic Project.

More to come over the weekend, from surf to figuring out how we can clear all this up.







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