The Week In Plastic

Headlines today include the great results of the drop in plastic bag usage. You’ll have undoubtedly read about it in the news, but it’s looking like the 5p charge in England is going to lead to a yearly decrease of about 5 billion bags being used in just one year, think about that for a minute. To add to this good news, research coming out in the autumn is set to reveal that almost 50% of all plastic in the ocean comes from packaging including bags, so this is a huge step forward. Hit the shot for the full story. Also remember to join SAS who led the charge on this issue.


We got our hands on these fins this week, you might have heard of ecoFins from the successful crowdfunder they did last year, well now they are a reality. What’s special about them? Well these are made from plastic picked up off the beaches of Bali, too perfect right? Just goes to show what a valuable resource this can be, we’re going to be testing these, and plan to do a lot more with the guys from Five Oceans.





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