Photoworkshops In Aid Of Plastic Project

As most of you know I am also a photographer and I run some great photo workshops for people who want to get into surf, adventure and environmental photography. All of these are done in aid of The Plastic Project, so if you’ve ever wanted to to learn more about photography read on below, they are suitable for amateurs through to want to be pros.

I started doing these workshops by accident as part of a crowdfunder for Wavelength magazine, which I used to edit. I was a little nervous of them to start with, but have ultimately found them really rewarding, and more excitingly, so have the people who have come on them. Being able to see past attendees photography improve is incredibly rewarding and seeing some of them actively starting to carve a career in photography is even better.


Ultimately I got to where I am, being able to work as a photographer, due to help and advice from my peers, and whilst there are areas and people within photography who are quite secretive about their work and jobs, I firmly believe that sharing knowledge just leads to greater creativity and innovation of ideas. Photography, writing and film making are all about the ideas, and how to execute them. So these workshops draw on not just years of experience with gear and technical knowledge, but also how to cultivate ideas, shoot so your own style stands out, how to turn that passion into simply a fulfilling hobby, maybe a hobby that pays for its self, or a full blown career.

Micah Lester

I do two sorts of workshop, the first is the weekender. I do these in Cornwall and once a year in Hossegor, France. Cornwall is a great place to shoot, the angles, the variety of beaches and waves make it perfect for photography. It’s one of the greatest places to shoot in the world, and few have such a variety of different places to shoot under different conditions. Hossegor is very different, what it lacks in great backdrops and variety it has world class waves, and because we do it right before the WSL event we have the world’s best surfers to shoot. Both follow the same format as below, although it is all very flexible depending on conditions.


Day 1

– We talk about where everyone wants to go with their photography

– A look at gear

– Talk about shooting surfing from the land, working on angles, using light, developing relationships with good surfers.

– We go shoot with a pro surfer, for 2-4 hours depending on conditions.

– Come back look  at shots and learn about basic processing

(we break for lunch and there is tea and coffee on tap)


Day 2

– Talk about shooting surfing from the water, different lenses, using cameras from Gopros to Pro setups. I will have gear on hand.

– Get out and shoot.

– Come back and look at and process shots

– Talk about the commercial side of photography from turning it into a paid hobby or full time pro.

These cost £300 in total with a £100 deposit to book. Drop me a line if they are of interest –


2016-17 schedule


6/7 August – full

13/14th August – 1 place

3/4. September – full

3/4 December 3 places

15/16 April (Easter) 4 places 2017


1/2 October – 1 place

We also do week long adventure and surf photography workshops in Iceland, Norway and Scotland. These expand on the above workshop and take them out into the field in the most epic way possible. We do these in September, October, November and March. If you’re in anyway interested drop me a line and I can give you more details. Or scroll down for a full run down on the Scottish Weeks.


Scotland Weeks


Why Scotland? Because it has everything, world class surf, incredible to shoot from the land and the water. Great surfers, fascinating local surf scene and a wide variety of waves in just a few miles.


If that isn’t enough, if the surf isn’t so good you have some of the best landscapes and seascapes on the planet. We’re based in Thurso, for the surf, but thirty minutes to the west and you’re into a wild landscape of unspoilt beaches, sea lochs and the towering, often snow covered peaks of the North West. It’s an inspirational area to shoot. If that isn’t enough to the north we trip over to Orkney and you have the incredible picturesque castles and sea stacks of the east coast as well.


The five days cost £400 and require a £200 deposit, the cost includes accommodation which is a comfortable house in Thurso, it includes breakfast, and lunch then we share cooking evening meals or head out to the pub. I can pick people up from Inverness airport or am happy to share the journey up as well in my car. It’s an incredible week because of the variety of different photography you can cram in, and the changeable conditions make it brilliant to react to whatever is going on. We have a good warm base as well for checking shots and doing some theory. The workshop is suited to any level of photographer, and is a week you wont forget.

Dates Available

September – Full

December – Full

March 2017 – 2 Spaces

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