A Line Between The Tides

As we all wake up bleary eyed for work this morning, writer and adventurer Matthew Button will be rolling over on a damp Cornish beach. After a coffee and a quick breakfast he’ll climb onto his SUP and start paddling for another day. He is paddling the length of Cornwall, from Torpoint to the Devon border north of Bude. That’s a long way even in summer, and especially a Cornish summer. Along the way he is documenting everything. He is being filmed and filming himself and documenting the plastic. You can follow him below on his website or Facebook.


Here’s the lowdown from Matt’s Site (http://mattbutton.co.uk)

Bude is something like 300 miles away on the opposite coast via the viper’s teeth of the Lizard and Land’s End and between the first stroke and the last lies (is) a coast that harboured smugglers and wrecked armadas, destroyed lives and created myths and legends.


Driven by a passion for the hidden places Matt sets out on an audacious exploration of the limits of the unprepared and overly ambitious. He will paddle and wild camp his way along the coast, fishing for mackerel, gliding with the seabirds and cetaceans, and sleeping under a blanket of stars in hidden coves.

Yet the British weather will undoubtedly make a mockery of such romance; the Atlantic is as likely to tear the seas apart as to offer up perfect glass. Exhaustion and the unrelenting wind and sun, along with shipping tankers, dangerous currents and summer storms threaten brutality as much as beauty.

Can it be done? Of course! Can it be done by Matt? That’s more of a gamble. He doesn’t even own a SUP although he has an old sleeping bag and some tangled fishing line and feathers.

Yet it is a chance to quell the voices and free the mind from the madness of modernity. One stroke at a time, Matt will paddle above the winnowing kelps and secret reefs, and beneath eyries and nests along the length of the untamed coast.

There is a chance to surf, dive, fish and sail but above all he hopes for solace to be found in the silence, solitude and simple rhythms of the ocean in this deeply personal and emotional reconnection with the waters around his home as he threads a line between the tides.

The adventure will be recorded through a two-minute short film alongside a feature-length documentary. Matt’s progress will be seen through his blog and instagram, as well as through articles and endorsements. Updates and features will also be published via Drift Surfing


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