Micah Lester – Our First Ambassador

I’m never sure about the use of the word ambassador across the surfing world, but technically it’s a fit, and so is our first holder of that title – Micah Lester. Before we delve into Micah, we are putting together a global network of photographers and surfers to help us show what’s happening to the wild and remote coastlines of the planet. We’re at the front line of what is coming ashore, so in the age of everyone having a GoPro it’s time to show the rest of the planet just what is going on.


Micah is our first man out there, he hails from Burleigh Heads on The Gold Coast of Australia, he moved over to Cornwall about nine years ago and became a fixture in the UK surfing scene. He now lives part of the year with his girlfriend on The North Shore of Hawaii, spends time in California, Scotland, Cornwall, Australia and works as a guide in The Maldives. You can kind of see why it makes him ideal for seeing a lot of rubbish in a lot of places. What is more he is passionate about the environment; it’s not just a matter of  stopping for a two minute beach clean it’s just a natural reaction to rubbish on the way back from a surf.


What we’re going to get from Micah are updates every couple of weeks, from wherever he is, the shot below is a classic from California. I can think of nothing more apt for that part of the world! Come and follow us on Instagram for more.


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