Teabags are made of plastic

If you haven’t watched “Trashed” you should, it’s an inspiring documentary looking at our planet and the the fact we are trashing it.

I watched this a few years back and it was one of those things that makes you stand up and know you need to be part of the change. What I didn’t take away from it was their website, which is excellent. Amongst their ten things to make a change was an entry about teabags. I’d come across this a couple of years earlier but for some reason hadn’t picked up on it until TPP ambassador, Micah Lester, sent me a link this morning. Teabags, those things that we dunk a few times a morning then chuck thinking they are biodegradable, are actually 10-25% plastic. Yeah I know, shit. It may be a minor amount but millions of cuppas a day equals a lot of plastic.

The microfibres of polypropylene help strengthen the bags, but once the rest biodegrades they are left, and even in landfill their size renders them likely to be washed away. Plus how many end up in compost? So whilst an individual teabag may have negligible amounts, combined it’s huge. It is suggested that they are the biggest source of food waste in the UK, so should they be composted? Well, advice is still yes, but it is better to tear them open.

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