Microbeads, India, SAS and The Arctic

The hangover is slowly wearing off.  The UK leaving the EU, from an environmental point of view, is potentially a nightmare. Of course the environment is the one truly globalised concern that everyone needs to act on collectively. Sadly, as has been proven time and time again throughout history, when it comes to economic progress often the first thing to slide is environmental legislation. It’s one thing the EU has given us in spades and has helped to dramatically clean up the coast and ocean. What happens going forward is a tad worrying, sadly governments are able to easily win over populations by appealing to their short time financial needs over long term environmental ones. It’s why supporting pressure groups like Surfers Against Sewage is even more important, click their name for their detailed take on the UK leaving the EU and its impact on the environment. Here is another official report released today, crucially for us the bathing water directive is likely to be something we wouldn’t have to enforce.


Elsewhere it finally looks like the UK is going to ban the use of microbeads in the likes of cosmetics, it’s taken longer than it should, and is still a little way from implementation but is likely to be passed.


Morocco, land of the perfect right hander, keeps on progressing towards becoming one of the greenest countries on Earth. It has now put into practice the country wide plastic bag ban. No more single use bags are allowed once any current ones are used, that includes the import of them. It’s a bold step, and one that is much needed in a country which only has pretty basic recycling and refuse services in large parts of the country. Interestingly though, you look at old shots from the sixties and seventies of the coastline and it is pristine, go there now, and there is a lot of plastic. It’s an amazing step in the right direction.

An Indian man stands amidst left over eatables and plastic waste, near the Arabian Sea waters at the Juhu Chowpaty in Mumbai.

I have been on two surf trips to India, scored waves and got ill from the pollution both times. Anyone who has been will know what an intense experience it is, there is not another place on Earth like it, and that includes the level of rubbish, just washing out to sea. But recently I found the community lead Clean Up Versova beach in Mumbai – https://twitter.com/VersovaBeach – follow them on twitter. What these guys are doing is showing how insurmountable odds can be overcome if a community gets together. Sure there is much more to solving the issue in India, but this is seriously inspiring.


Loving what The Guardian is doing covering environmental issues at the moment, just honest facts. One of their latest articles is all about how long it takes for plastic to get from the UK to the Arctic, and it’s surprisingly quick, here is the LINK to find out more.

Finally it’s very disappointing when your favourite beer is suddenly wrapped in what appears to be un-recyclable plastic.




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