The First Wilderness Beach Clean

Next weekend we’ll be releasing the first wilderness beach clean film. We’re doing this as part of The Plastic Project to add a dimension of direct action, it’s one thing to inspire people to change, it’s another to go out and take action beyond what is already happening.

Removing rubbish from beaches, the street, the countryside and rivers is the most effective and least environmentally damaging way of getting litter out of the environment. Stopping it getting there in the first place is of course the best way, but that’s not working out very well yet. So going beyond what SAS and the likes of 2 Minute Beachclean are doing, we wanted to get in on a regular basis to bits of coast and rivers, which simply do not have people regularly on them to pick rubbish up.

The word wilderness is sadly one which barely applies to anywhere in Europe, you’d be hard pushed to find a stretch of coastline untouched by humans, but there are so many wild, rarely visited places everywhere, which are for all intents and purposes, wildernesses. It’s these places on our doorstep which we want to highlight. So we start on a tidal river just down the road from our base on the River Deben, a very unspoilt river in Suffolk, except it isn’t.

We’ll be releasing the short next Saturday, but here are a few grabs, from what looks so pristine but is in fact so pulluted with litter.



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