Back in the saddle

It’s been a week or so of radio silence or so here at TPP. Sorry for the quiet spell, been ill and got severe surfer’s ear, nothing like the sound of a chisel removing bone next to your ear drum. I never listened to other people’s advice, but trust me when I say wearing ear plugs is a very good idea.

What a last ten days or so it has been, awareness of marine plastic has gone through the roof thanks to an incredible effort by Martin Dorey at The Two Minute Beach Clean. Great stuff getting the whole of the BBC Springwatch behind the 2 Minute Beachclean day. I live miles from any standard surfing areas and hearing friends talking about picking up rubbish every time they go out is proof that things are working.


It’s looking like a microbead ban is going to be implemented in the UK, it hasn’t been officially passed yet, but the pressure from the environmental community at large and common sense is making it a no brainer. Will see where it goes, but revelations like them stunting the growth of juvenile fish makes it essential, if a little late.

that’s a belly full of plastic

We’re starting this year’s series of talks in a  couple of weeks. One of the big parts of this project is getting face to face with people who may or may not know too much about marine plastic. Then present some exciting tales of surfing and adventure along with shots and short films. The combo of surf/adventure and the environment totally works and hopefully inspires people to make the daily changes needed to reduce plastic, recycle and head towards the circular economy, because beach cleans are great, but are a reaction not a solution. The first of these talks is in Brighton at Paddle around the pier on the 2/3rd of July, hopefully see some of you there.


TPP is now registered as a charity, why? It’s so we are able to gain a little funding to be able to take what we’re doing on a tour of schools and groups around the country. We’re not looking for any extra funding so no donations etc. We have raised the money to do it, and we have no intention of taking it beyond that, taking surfing and the environment on the road is the the only goal to help change people’s attitudes. I would stress all travel, filming and the like are all covered either from working with surf companies, tourist boards or for The Esker Gallery, so the money that has kindly been donated is purely to get around into schools and clubs and events. We’ll be posting up a full run down of what we’re up to and if there are any schools or clubs that would like us to come along please let us know.

Finally I’m out of action for a few weeks due to my ear, so that means a load of time to send out prints to people who haven’t got them, we have stacks of postcards heading out as well, plus the first two issues of The Esker Journal (will drop some shots tomorrow) and the first Plastic Project Book. So I appreciate everyone’s patience and we’ve had a couple of print issues, but everything will be with you in the next few days.


We’ll also be going daily with the blog.



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